Vape Free Schools Initiative Tobacco Free Policy Assessment and Toolkit

School Assessment Image

If you’re an educator committed to helping students navigate the youth vaping epidemic, we have programs to help you in your efforts. Participating in the American Lung Association Vape-Free Schools Initiative means that your school is a leader in supporting students affected by e-cigarettes, offering clear guidance, education and cessation. Completion of either INDEPTH and/or N-O-T facilitator training courses will satisfy the requirement to be recognized by the American Lung Association as a member of the Vape-Free Schools Initiative.

If you already have a cessation program in your school or community center, take our 3-session INDEPTH Alternative to Suspension training. This is available at no cost.

If you need a vaping/smoking/tobacco cessation program, take our 10-session Vaping Education & Tobacco Cessation training (N-O-T), which also includes INDEPTH Alternative to Suspension. This program is available with a cost of $400 per training seat.

Vape-Free School Initiative participants have exclusive access to multiple promotional resources to share their status with parents, school personnel, students and the surrounding community, and will be featured as a member of the initiative on the American Lung Association website.