Stock Asthma Medication: Implementation Guidance for Schools

A child learning how to use quick-relief medication

The American Lung Association's Stock Asthma Medication: Implementation Guidance for Schools is a free, one-hour interactive online course designed for licensed and unlicensed school personnel who administer stock quick-relief asthma medication, and stakeholders seeking to understand and implement relevant legislation, policies, or programs. The course is divided into four modules that address essential elements from understanding the need for asthma-related policies in schools to successfully implementing a robust stock asthma medication program.

By participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of implementing a stock quick-relief asthma medication policy in schools.
  • Develop and revise stock asthma medication policies to protect students with asthma.
  • Recognize and respond to someone experiencing respiratory distress.
  • Administer stock quick-relief asthma medication.
  • Document and report use of stock asthma medication.
  • Implement a successful program by obtaining standing orders, quick-relief asthma medication and other supplies while addressing funding concerns, building awareness and conducting evaluation.

Join us in protecting the health and well-being of people with asthma. Your journey towards becoming more proficient in stock asthma medication starts here!