Lung Cancer Support Group Facilitator Training

A woman walking with and comforting another woman

The Lung Cancer Support Group Facilitator program is a training to prepare interested support group facilitators with the knowledge and the necessary tools needed to successfully host and facilitate monthly support group meetings for lung cancer survivors and caregivers.

The Lung Cancer Support Group training is available through the American Lung Association to health professionals, as well as organizations and individuals interested in serving as certified facilitators for the program. After completing the support group training, facilitators will be able to establish, facilitate, and sustain a Lung Cancer Support Group.

A Certified Facilitator:

  • Wants to help lung cancer patients and their caregivers learn to better manage their disease
  • Can relate to patients, offer support for their concerns, and refer them for any extra help they may need
  • Helps members participating in Lung Cancer support groups improve their quality of life

A Certified Lung Cancer Support Group facilitator can be a physician, nurse, or other staff member, a licensed clinical mental health professional, or a health educator with experience working in lung health.

Some knowledge and experience with lung cancer is preferred but not required.

If you are interested in taking the Lung Cancer Facilitator Training, please contact and request an enrollment key.