Course Image Assessing a Child's Readiness to Carry and Use a Quick-Relief Inhaler
Asthma Management in Schools: Assessing a Child’s Readiness to Carry and Use a Quick-Relief Inhaler course is an interactive online learning module designed to assist designated school health staff assess a child’s readiness to carry and use a quick-relief inhaler.
Course Image Asthma Basics
Asthma Basics is a free one-hour interactive online learning module designed to help people learn more about asthma. This course is ideal for healthcare professionals, school nurses, community health workers, individuals with asthma, parents of children with asthma, or anyone who wants to learn more about asthma.
Course Image Asthma Basics en Español
Asthma Basics es un módulo de aprendizaje interactivo en línea gratuito de una hora de duración diseñado para ayudar a las personas a aprender más sobre el asma. Este curso es ideal para los profesionales de la salud, las enfermeras de las escuelas, los trabajadores de salud comunitarios, las personas con asma, los padres de niños con asma o cualquier otra persona que quiera aprender más sobre el asma.
Course Image Asthma Educator Institute

The American Lung Association Asthma Educator Institute is a preparatory course for those eligible to take the National Asthma Educator Certification Board (NAECB) examination and for individuals who implement asthma guidelines-based care.

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Course Image Asthma for the Healthcare Professional

The purpose of this course is to understand the pathophysiology of asthma and guidelines-based components of asthma care: measures of assessment and monitoring, education for a partnership in asthma care, pharmacologic therapy, and control of environmental and comorbid conditions.

If you are interested in taking Asthma for the Healthcare Professional, please email for the enrollment key.

Course Image Asthma Friendly Environment Briefings
To provide an overview of American Lung Association programs and services that align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s CCARE Initiative and EXHALE Strategies to help people with asthma achieve better health.
Course Image Four Steps for Creating an Asthma-Friendly School
Four Steps to Create an Asthma Friendly School a series of short interactive modules designed to help schools and school districts create a safe and healthy learning environment for students with asthma.
Course Image New York American Lung Association Asthma Management in Schools: Community of Practice

This course consists of mini-presentations designed to provide training and resources focused on expanding asthma self-management education in schools and school-based health centers in alignment with the National Asthma Education Prevention Program Guidelines.

Course Image Responding to Asthma Emergencies in Schools
This course will teach you about asthma emergencies, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress at each level, and how to respond to a student experiencing respiratory distress.